"Music from the Heart" through the Power Of Love!

"Music from the Heart" CD Compilation Project Terms and Conditions

1.  The "Music from the Heart" CD Compilation project will be released under the P.O.L. Society Music record label.  All CD packaging and marketing materials shall be Copyright P.O.L. Society Music.
2.  Associated songwriters on the project, which in most cases will be the artists who are featured on the compilation, will receive a (.15) fifteen cents mechanical license royalty per song and per each unit sold for physical CD sales and digital downloads.
There will also be a (.10) ten cents "master use license" royalty paid to the copyright holders of the sound recordings per each song.  In some cases the songwriter and the owner of the sound recording will be the same person or persons and would receive the full (.25) twenty-five cents per song and per unit sold of physical CD sales and digital downloads.
3.  In addition, any physical CDs, digital downloads, tee shirts or other promotional merchandise associated with the "Music from the Heart" CD Compilation project which are sold at live events or by any other means directly by the artists involved on the compilation, P.O.L. Society Music will split the proceeds from sales 50% after all associated costs are factored out, such as mechanical and master use royalties, recording and production costs, manufacturing costs, charitible fundraising donations, etc.
4.  Associated songwriters retain all their rights to all music publishing through performing rights organizations such as BMI, ASCAP and SESAC.
5.  Should P.O.L. Society Music broker a licensing deal directly through its sources for any of the songs on the compilation and on behalf of the Artists involved, P.O.L. Society Music will be awarded and paid a 15% agent finder's fee from the license proceeds.  Examples of licensing would be synchronization placement for film or TV, use in radio or television advertisements, etc.  Exception:  P.O.L. Society Music will not be paid a 15% agent fee if any of the songs on the compilation are brokered for a licensing deal directly on behalf of the Artists or by the Artists through any 3rd party unaffiliated source.
6.  All royalty payments and proceeds from sales which are due and payable to the artists, songwriters, and master license holders shall be calculated, accounted for and paid on a quarterly basis by P.O.L. Society Music.
7.  These terms and conditions shall be presented in contract form to the artists and all associated royalty recipients who wish to participate on the "Music from the Heart" CD Compilation project.
8.  These terms and conditions are possibly subject to modifications and legal revisions to the wording of the actual contract.
9.  All artists in the project agree to participate in supporting a project fundraiser with P.O.L. Society Music to help pay for recording and production costs which may include being featured in a promotional project fundraising video.